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Serigraphy Color Knowledge


What is Serigraphy Printing?

Light-sensitive emulsion is spread on the silk surface stretched into a mold. The film of the visual to be printed is fixed in the silk-stretched mold and exposed to light. The emulsion is hardened inside the mold on light-receiving surfaces, and the surfaces of the black points of the film receiving no light brighten after the mold is washed. Benefiting from this feature of the emulsion sufficient amount of the ink will be poured on the silk in the color which shall be printed on the material. With the pressured movement of the scarping rubber from the silk surface the light places on the silk are transferred onto the material. In case of multiple colors the process is exactly repeated. Theses process are called in the printing technique as serigraphy printing.
Serigraphy printing is used in general for graphic and industrial printings, however for artistic printing and reproduction processes the term “Unique Press” is used.

Where are serigraphy printings used?

Serigraphy printing is preferred where the printing is required to last long without fading.

Which inks are you using for serigraphy?

We are using  Solvent and UV inks.

Which Ink shall we prefer?

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What are your printing dimensions?

Our printing dimension is maximum 150 cm x 300 cm; however bonding with multiple frequency sources we are solving large quantities economically.

On which materials are you printing?

Can you print on any ink-retaining surface?
Example: Paper, PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Tarpaulin, Metallic Plates, Wooden Surfaces etc.

Can you do printing on 10 cm thick FOREX material?

 On a material with said thickness we can print any visual of your desire using the serigraphy printing method.
 - Can you deliver the forex material I request to be printed with cut-edges in accordance with the visual?
If the drawing line of the visual is submitted to us prior to the printing, we can cut it in accordance with the cutting line and deliver accordingly.
 - Considering the printing is made on hard surfaced objects, can you do the printing of the stands on which we will display the products at the sales point as external conditions resistant and non-fading CMYK?
No doubt, we succeed. Further you will see many relevant examples in the web-site.
 - How long is the guarantee you grant for resistance against external conditions for serigraphy printings?
Depending on the utilization place position of the product, we can suggest the guarantee pack (product, ink and assembling) required to be covered by the guarantee requested by the customer.

How long is the guarantee you grant for resistance against external conditions for serigraphy printings?

 Depending on the utilization place position of the product, we can suggest the guarantee pack (product, ink and assembling) required to be covered by the guarantee requested by the customer.

How shall be the features of the documents required for printing?

If created with Vectorial Program,
 •FreeHand MX
•Adobe Illustrator 
•Corel Draw

Fonts have to be converted, pictures used in the document shall be put into folders and Pantone information used in the documents must be notified complete. Further for knife drawn works (particularly in case of stand visuals) submitting the knife marks vectorial will assist us to minimize the error margin.
If created with picture programs,
 •Adobe Photoshop CS
» If the submitted documents shall be serigraphy printed they have to be in 1/1 size and minimum 72 Dpi.
 »If used for printing  works they have to be in 1/1 size and minimum 300 Dpi.
 » If possible submit in layered status, this will facilitate our intervention to the color.
» Formats to be submitted EPS, TIF and PSD.
 » Submit definitely colored printouts.

Are you making digital printing?

Indoor and outdoor digital printings are made within our own structure.

Are you making On-Vehicle and On-Building Advertisement?

We are performing the on-vehicle and on-building advertisement in the features desire by the our customers guarantee covered.

Are your producing the Drop Labels letter-by-letter (DECOUPE)?

Drop base can be printed on the visual or printed letter-by-letter.

Do the products you use contain goods of Fareast origine?

We use quality proved, ROHS and quality certificated products

Should I prefer digital or serigraphy for my mandatory printing job?

•If the printing quality and utilization pace is irrelevant, let it print to anyone and by any means affordable.
•If the printing quantity is few (i.e. 1-50 pcs.) and urgent, digital printing can be done, too.
•If the printing quantity is large (i.e. 50-10000 pcs.) it has to be serigraphy.
•If the visual is requested to be bright and expressive, your preference shout be serigraphy.
•In case of bus station and racquet printing it has to be serigraphy printed.

How long will it take until we get our order?

Ever productions involves a technical process. Here we do not calculate the time as daily 8 hours. Upon order the processes begin and are delivered in the given time.
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