Quality understanding and approach, which we desire to have in every area of our life, has a part everywhere in the center of all departments of SÄ°STEM SERÄ°GRAFÄ° ve MATBAACILIK Ltd. Åžti. Our entire personnel fulfill their duties first as a quality entity and thereafter with their areas of expertise.
Sistem Serigrafi’s quality understanding takes place in entire process flows starting with training, continuing with the customer orders and continuing until the final product assembling or packaging.
Sistem Serigrafi added the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) Standard, as a first in its sector, in 2008 this viewpoint to its system. Quality standard monitoring is done in order to elevate the quality bar. Currently the ISO 9001-2015 (Quality Management System) Standard, recently renewed, was included to the certificate system in March 2016. Our company successfully passed the TECHNICAL or ETHICAL audits, conducted during the year announced and unannounced by leading companies in the sector and by the MINISTRY.
Quality is included in all department processes. Controls during these processes are made both in a technical and theoretical manner. The fact that the working personnel serves since long years to Sistem Serigrafi, ensures that the employees transfer their experience to the production and a production with higher quality.
Quality Control starts with the input control of the purchased materials, continues with the process course controls and is accomplished with the final control process and controls. Sistem Serigrafis’s technological substructure and realized investments ensures a huge contribution to a quality production. The work executed in the process control phase by the graphic department and production together starts with the color arrangement, color control measurements and is finalized with the continue of the serial production after customer’s sample production confirmation. Therefore sample work and sample chamber storage conditions are arranged according to the customer. Archive productions are continued according to the initial approved sample. In this manner it is ensured that productions are made in accordance with the customer orders without any difference between the initial production and the further productions of the orders in the following sequence.
Owing toSistem Serigrafi’s traceability system production traceability is ensured completely from the raw material until the final production. Further thanks to the established system customers are responded with accurate and instant answer.
Suppliers are developed with the studies co-performed by the Quality, Purchasing and Production departments and quality product procurement is ensured in full sense. Quality awareness takes the first place regarding purchased raw materials. Further are suppliers provided with a R&G atmosphere work and thus it is ensured that alternative quality raw materials are determined via co-performed trial studies. And this ensures that customers are provided with an alternative production.
Customer satisfaction and trust is one of most important criteria at Sistem Serigrafi. Primarily with its employee training, work ethics and applied waste policy are confidential and huge projects of leading companies of their sectors are accomplished with mutual trust and without any difficulty.
Where required are customers provided with consultancy for their new product or order requests and orientation is made for a quality production. Measurement of the provided quality is also measured by means of the customer satisfaction questionnaire. By means of such questionnaire studies and system-intern inspections it is targeted and ensured that the established quality system survives continuously.
Quality at Sistem Serigrafi is based on the established QUALITY SYSTEM and not on quality persons.


Production at Sistem Printing is the department, where the information and date of the entire departments are sent and where finally the works with quality standards in every phase are completed considering the customer satisfaction at first place.
Sistem Serigrafi Factory has a broad production range with its strong staff specialists in their work.
As like as its name, which the company gained since 1987, under the title of leading in serigraphy printing technique, the company expanded its production range including the Digital Solvent Printing – Digital UV Printing – Blob Tag production and CNC Cutting machines to its system by means of the technical investments made in order to track the innovations of its sector, which is also included subsequently in the content of its quality policy, and in order to maintain its leadership in the sector. Service bar has been elevated by means of the Industrial Advertising Department. Thus System Serigrafi came into the position to provide its customers service starting from the order until the final product delivery.
Owing to such a broad production range and the fact that technological innovations are traced, ensures doing business with companies leader of their sectors and be strong against their rivals.
Delivery of customer orders in compliance with the featured requested by the customer, and at the exact time is owed to the production capacity and existence of the machine park, and the experience and training of the employed personnel. Quality is included in entire phases of the production.
Quality production at Sistem Printing is also consolidated with investments made into human. Productions are made serially and with quality since the experience personnel in the departments are serving since years at Sistem Serigrafi and have received the relevant internal-external trainings.